A full-on sonic immersion at TRU, August 15th


We couldn’t be more jazzed to be hosting SoundCamp. A full day of hands-on participatory audio: selecting equipment, capturing sounds, editing files, and sharing or broadcasting your aural adventures.

The festivities will be hosted at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops BC, August 15th. We will have an array of special guest and local experts joining us to guide us in our learning and assist in our experiments. Feel free to navigate via the menu bar at the top of the site for our plans for the day, and for resources to stock our sonic kitchens. In meantime, if you can join us please sign up now — it’s free!

2 thoughts on “A full-on sonic immersion at TRU, August 15th

  1. Thanks, Brian, and all the other attendees and facilitators for a great day of playing with sound. Learned some things and also reaffirmed a lot of things about gathering, editing and producing sound.

    If any one is interested in digging down more fully into sound design, here’s a look at what all went in to the aural artistry for the movie Master and Commander (which won an Oscar for sound design.) The type and number of sound effects they captured is amazing:

    Here’s a taste of the movie (which if you haven’t seen is highly recommended):


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