Our facilitators

We were joined at the August 15th workshop by special guests and homegrown expert facilitators:

Scott Lockman (known as Scottlo) has distinguished himself in the DS106 universe and beyond for his mastery of sound. As a podcaster and as a live broadcaster on DS106 Radio his work shines with creativity and craft. “Japan’s first podcaster” is currently living in Saudi Arabia, we are thrilled to have Scottlo make a rare North American appearance.


Christina Hendricks is a Sr. Instructor in the Philosophy Department at the University of British Columbia. She is also a DS106 alum, and over the past few months went from a total beginner (er… to digital audio, she was a college radio DJ) to producing a wide range of sound pieces: a commercial for ds106, a ds106 radio “bumper,” and a “bird call” for a character from a Twlight Zone episode. She also collaborated on a full radio show.


DragginSoundlabJason Toal is an instructional technologist at Simon Fraser University. He is also an avid sonic adventurer and audio bon vivant, his mixing skills demonstrated by his alter ego DJ Dr. Jones on DS106 Radio and at legendary live gigs. Samples of his diverse works can be found on his Soundcloud page.


jfheadshot2Jon Fulton is a video producer for Thompson Rivers University Open Learning. Responsible for creating pedagogically driven media pieces for distance courses. His business card should read “Image Acquisition and Manipulation” although he also has extensive experience in audio manipulation; once creating a 3 min sound composition based entirely from a single puff of his asthma inhaler.


aforgraveAndrew Forgrave joins us from Bellevue, Ontario where he works as a teacher and as a long-time advocate of educational technology. As avid member of the DS106 community, many of his creative constructs are shared on his de*tri*tus blog.



djlamb_001 Brian Lamb is a Re-Director of Innovation with Thompson Rivers University. He is also a longtime DJ wannabe who has been known to submit audio atrocities in lieu of thought-out papers or presentations. Examples include Confessions of a Mash-Up Un-Artist and Dr. Mashup; or, Why Educators Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Remix (15 MB MP3).

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